Lev Stuff for Base Game desks
#1 06-03-2011 
Lev, you need to CLONE the attached object from the first post in simpe for each desk you make.

How to do it:

1) Open SIMPE
2) Go to Object Workshop tab
3) Open the attached package by clicking OPEN in Object Workshop.

Select to CLONE, choose change description and put in the price of the desk. Add a description, something like "Mirror version of BaseGame desk X by Levini and Team Fish at http://www.leefish.nl" add the price - should be the same price as the base game desk you are mirroring.

Rename the file, click update.

Now, you need to swap in the mesh, and then redo the GMND for the tsMaterialsMeshName and the designmodeEnabled.

In tsMaterialsMeshName you will need to change the subset name to match the GMDC


You import a new desk, and the desk part is called FRAME.

In the example. the Desk group in GMDC is called wood.

So, when you import, you add the frame and new ground shadow and delete the wood and the old groundshadow.

Then, in the GMND you need to change the tsMaterialsMesh so it is also called FRAME and change the name of the string to the cres name of the desk you are repoing to.

Same in the tsDesignModeEnabled - you need it to be enabled to change the design on FRAME not wood.

Then to the Shape - same again - point the groundshadow sideshadows etc and FRAME to the new desk we are repoing to.

IF the desk set is called wood then you are in luck - you will only need to change the Target cres name in the GMND and the Shape.

Once you have done that, get new GUIDs for the desk (all three OBJDs). Apply, save, test in game Smile

#2 06-03-2011 
Here is a desk file attached for you.

To make it easier (first desk)

The PRICE = 80

The cres name (for in the tsMaterialsMesh) = deskValue

the subset name for tsDesignModeEnabled = desk

Shape info:

Subset nameMaterial Definition File

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#3 06-03-2011 
Thanks for the template for the desks, ~pero~ (Pero means but in spanish) i am not going to start till wednesday because I am beginning to transfer stuff so that i can move everything to a new comp (I may get hopefully ) on my birthday
muchas gracias, (thank you very much in spanish)

#4 06-03-2011 
Thats fine Lev - this is meant to be fun, not a job Smile
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#5 06-03-2011 
ok ... im just alerting ya' so that you know ... im going to go work on something to celebrate the team Project beginning Big Grin because as of now im not supposed to be dling naything ... just playing the game (dont need to make more mess to transfer over ... i only have two flash drives )


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