• Daniel Doors and Arches
  • Creator: leefish
Requested by Cynnix, the Daniel Doorway Expansion Set.

Well, Cynnix didn't ask for an Expansion set - she asked for one small door. What she GOT was an Expansion set. I made the small door - then thought yea, that's a very thin door. So I made a wider one. Then I thought hmmm, should have arches really. So I made those as well. And yea, while I was at it I chucked in a two on three door and arch - for those two the diagonals default to the University EP double doorway/archway as appropriate.

The doors and arches are repository to the Daniel Doorway from the Uni EP - so you have to have that EP installed. As it is repository it will pick up any recolours for the doors/arch you may have in your downloads folder.

ItemSubsetsPoly CountPrice
Daniel the Great-Hearted Arch (Straight)21200 455
Daniel the Wide-Hearted Arch (Straight & Diagonal)21200 350
Daniel the Half-Hearted Arch (Straight & Diagonal) 21200 350
ItemSubsetsPoly CountPrice
Daniel the Great-Hearted Door (Straight) 22465 480
Daniel the Wide-Hearted Door (Straight & Diagonal) 21828 350
Daniel the Half-Hearted Door (Straight & Diagonal) 21828 350
x 28

Daniel Doors and Arches Screenshot Daniel Doors and Arches Screenshot Daniel Doors and Arches Screenshot Daniel Doors and Arches Screenshot      
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#2 08-03-2011
Waaaaaaah :'( i wish i had Uni ... i like the door ... though i dont use it ... it looks cool with the hardcore looking stone and Kick Arse design

#3 08-03-2011
This is too good to keep to myself. Thanks you, Lee!
*Nonni grabs files and runs to tell the world*

#4 08-03-2011
Woo Hoo! I got it and I know just where I am going
to use it first.

I'm even tempted to recolour it.


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