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Works with version 1.42
This simple mod makes the default mailbox deletable, and buy-able from the catalog, like most objects. This is so you can replace it with custom mailboxes. Its location in catalog is Outdoor/Lawn Ornaments, price 0 simoleons. Install as you would normally install any package file. This mod will only conflict with mods that alter the OBJD of the default mailbox.

I have custom mailboxes available for download HERE and HERE . Smile
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Please contact cmo.

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#5 10-03-2011
Two custom mailboxes now available at MTS.

#6 10-03-2011
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Fantastic Smile And I love your custom mailboxes too!!

#7 11-03-2011
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Thank you so much for this mod, leefish! I looked at your code and edited the mailboxes for LN, WA and Barnacle Bay, too, so that they can be used in place of the regular mailbox for builders. I have them posted at Crazy Town. I noticed that even if you delete the mail boxes, the game will still replace it anyway, so you really don't need to warn about people playing without a mailbox. The game won't let you play without a mail box anyway. Smile

Thank you again!!

If Cmo and Leefish aren't the same person, then sorry! It's Cmo that I wanted to thank. Smile

#8 11-03-2011
Yea, cmo is the smart one - I'm the good looking one. Its easy to tell us apart Smile

I'm not sure how Cmo feels about you taking the code he worked so hard on and posting it elsewhere - I'll let him decide on that.


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