WetNurse Nanny
#1 10-03-2011 
BO (baby), huge request:

Bunch of your fans at the new medieval site want to know if you can make a wetnurse or wetnurse nanny mod/hack? If they were a live-in servant it would be fantastic also.

Hugs in advance (just platonic, Shell).

Almighty Hat requests that the wet-nurse mod be non-autonomous or have that variation/option. Thank thee!Heart

#2 10-03-2011 
Yea, is that your new site Nonni? Looks good Smile
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#3 11-03-2011 
Yes, Lee, you and BO (baby) are getting a rep over there. Big Grin
(a good and well-deserved rep, I should add)

NOTE: I would give them a name but they don't have one yet. I think it will be decided tomorrow, March 11.

#4 11-03-2011 
I would love to try and help out, but for that to work, Nonni. But for that to work, I first need to ask you one freakin' question: What the heck is a "wetnurse nanny" ??

#5 11-03-2011 
oh, uh, uh, I guess it can't be a true nanny...
*Nonni goes to look for Webster wetnurse definition.*
A wet nurse is a woman used to breast feed and care for another's child. Wet nurses are used when the mother is unable or chooses not to nurse the child herself.
I suppose it could also be considered a new occupation?

#6 11-03-2011 
Ah, I was already beginning to suspect that that was indeed what Hat wanted to have... (I asked the same question at Medieval, but the answer will undoubtedly be no different Big Grin)

I'll see what I can do. I think it's quite possible to only circumvent the check for family ties if the player ORDERS someone to nurse a baby, but keep the check in place when a sim tries it autonomously. Quite likely, this would allow ANY female (maybe even teens) to nurse ANY baby, as long as the player tells them to.

#7 11-03-2011 
Sounds good to me. I am giddy with anticipation. Big Grin

#8 12-03-2011 
Me too, me too! I have been wishing for a wet nurse since I discovered the bf'g mod. This would be beyond awesome. And my highborn ladies would definitely thank you.

#9 12-03-2011 
Ah, my first visitor from Medieval! Smile Welcome, Heloise! I'm working on it Wink

#10 13-03-2011 
Ok, I've now replaced the 'realistic' version of BO - Feed Baby with a new 'Special' version, which includes the option to have wet nurses. Tongue


Sorry, that is a members only option