Light Effects Reproducible?
#1 11-03-2011 
BO (baby), Shell took this shot and I wonder if it is reproducible without the good witch?
[Image: snapshot_da4cc50c_5a861ad4.jpg]

#2 11-03-2011 
Ah, yeah, that's the "Beautificus Locus", where the Good Witch (temporarily) improves the weather/environment on the lot.
I think it should be possible to reproduce it, but it may be a tough one. One thing *IS* certain, though: it will ONLY work for people who have AL.

The next question would be: should it only mimic the visual effect (for making photo-shoots)? Or should it be complete?

#3 11-03-2011 
Quote:The next question would be: should it only mimic the visual effect (for making photo-shoots)? Or should it be complete?

Not sure. Do you mean do I want it "on" all the time or just when I am "in the mood"? I am guessing perhaps I want it for photo-shoots. Yeah, that is mostly likely what I want it for, photo-shooting. Question arises of control and duration of light effect. But that is in your hands, BO, *sneaks in a "darling"*.Heart

#4 12-03-2011 
No, it will never be on all the time, it just can't be, because the "animation" doesn't run that long. I don't even think I can make the effect last any longer than it normally does! So you would have to start the effect, then freeze the game, bring everything into position and then make the shot.

I'll explain what I actually meant to ask: Normally, if it's raining when a Good Witch casts this spell, then the rain will stop and the sun will start to shine. And as an extra on top of that, you get those "golden sun rays". Do you want only the rays, or the full shebang including the improved weather?

#5 12-03-2011 
The whole shebang...hmm, that is appealing but let me discuss it with Shell, she is so good about analyzing the pros and cons.

Will get right back to you on that. Thanks, BO.

#6 13-03-2011 
I keep forgetting to ask Shell her opinion. I think that the whole shebang would be best. I lean that way for cinematic use should anyone want to use it in making a short movie. Thank you for asking.

#7 13-03-2011 
Ok, I don't dare make any promises that I'll succeed, but I'll see what I can do! And IF I can do it, it will only work for Apartment Life.

#8 13-03-2011 
No prob for me, I have AL. I know I have placed you on a pedestal, but you must not worry. I don't luv you just for what you can do for me but for your wonderful personality and I am sure you have other skills.


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