• My Simmie doth Swimmie in Aire
  • Creator: Nonni
I am working on another swimmable pond. I want one that will not show the deck or lattice work on the land foundation. This video is an example of what happens if you miss a step in building.

Short vid:
My Simmie doth Swimmie in Aire

My Simmie doth Swimmie in Aire Screenshot          
#2 19-03-2011
Lol. Thats actually quite a cool effect - for movie makers I mean.

#3 20-03-2011
That was great, had to laugh when Mr Humble (I think that is his name) imploded in the background. Or was he beamed up by Scotty?

BTW which step did you miss, ground elevation?

#4 21-03-2011
poor computer gifter ... he wasted all his cash to be imploded ... i dont think he did ... usually NPCs have a way of leaving if trapped ... usually 2 seconds before they die ... at least in TS1


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