• Latest Champions on Pro_Portal
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This is a custom block for Pro_Portal. It shows the last 4 champions from the game section, the game they are champion of and for how long.


Link to to the Game that the member is Champion of
Link to Champion's Profile.
Avatars are scaled in the PHP. No css tricks.
A custom language file to easily change to your board language Smile

Open the folder and upload to your server
Put the block file with the rest of the pro_portal blocks.
Put the lang.php file in the correct language folder
Languages Included:
Link to test board >> http://www.leefish.nl/testfish/portal.php I put the language to Persian on this block so you can see it.

Special Thanks
h0mayun for having the idea for the custom language file Smile

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File Updated 21-03-2011

#11 21-03-2011 
Got it

I can add a variable that will link to the lang files.

For example, if you make three lang strings and put them in the pro_portal lang folder then I can edit the files to link to the correct lang strings.
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#12 21-03-2011 
yes thats what im doing now
you gave me hint

#13 21-03-2011 
Awesome - thanks a lot - I will redo the main file as well to support language strings.

Anything else you were looking for for pro_portal?
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#14 21-03-2011 
no thanks to you buddy
everything ok except this section
PHP Code:
    if ($reign 1
$reign ="Less than a day";
    else if (
$reign 2)
$reign '1 Day';
$reign round($reign).' Days';    
i cant put lang variable

#15 21-03-2011 
Ok, am testing now - gimme a few minutes
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#16 21-03-2011 
ok just if this help
$reign ="{$lang->Less_than_a_day}";
$reign = '{$lang->1_Day}';
does not

#17 21-03-2011 
Ok, I have it working with ENGLISH strings.....

Here are the edits for pro-Portal file....:

$l['reign1'] = "Less than a day";
$l['reign2'] = " Day.";
$l['reign3'] = " Days.";

Attached is edited block.....I have no idea if it will work in Persian though.

Sorry - added wrong file first time
What I really need is to define the lang file IN the block, so we don't need to edit the main language file. Will go and look at that. Thanks for the tip re non-compatibility with language packs - I had not thought of that.
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#18 21-03-2011 
i got it work too
i had variable like----->>>>> $l['1_Day'] = "یک روز"; in my proportal.lang
and $reign =$lang->1_Day;
by removing "1_"
it works now
i have no idea why "1_" made problem
but now im happy Smile
thank you so much
if you want i can send my file to you Smile

#19 21-03-2011 
also do you have any plan for making poll on proportal?
it would be great

#20 21-03-2011 
Yes, please do send the file - it would be great. You can upload an attachment in this forum >> Fishfood
I will have a look at the Poll - what are you thinking of? A link to the poll or a full poll on portal functionality?
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Sorry, that is a members only option