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This is a custom block for Pro_Portal. It shows the last 4 champions from the game section, the game they are champion of and for how long.


Link to to the Game that the member is Champion of
Link to Champion's Profile.
Avatars are scaled in the PHP. No css tricks.
A custom language file to easily change to your board language Smile

Open the folder and upload to your server
Put the block file with the rest of the pro_portal blocks.
Put the lang.php file in the correct language folder
Languages Included:
Link to test board >> http://www.leefish.nl/testfish/portal.php I put the language to Persian on this block so you can see it.

Special Thanks
h0mayun for having the idea for the custom language file Smile

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File Updated 21-03-2011

#21 21-03-2011 
sorry i did not find Fishfood forum Tongue so i attached here
i think a block with full functionality would be great so by using that we can examine how much viewers we have Big Grin

#22 21-03-2011 
Ok, I have the file - am gonna delete it now as I don't really want a load of random files in this area that are not mine Smile
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#23 21-03-2011 
Updated - and it has it's own language file so we don't need to edit the pro_portal.lang.php.

I will get to work on the poll - I think I see how to do it.
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#24 25-03-2011 
Many Thanks leefish, the block works great & looks Great. Very nice work!
taBoo, proud to be a member of Leefish since Jan 2011.

#25 08-07-2011 
I installed the plugin.. But it does not show anything on even index or portal.
Any template edit I need to do.

#26 08-07-2011 
Its a plugin for pro_portal - if you are running ordinary portal then you should try this one:


It does need template edits - read the first post and you should be fine.
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Sorry, that is a members only option