• The Sims Medieval CAS Shot
  • Creator: leefish
I got this from a friend of a friend - The Sims Medieval is available NOW in the US.......

OMG. Look at that skin detail. It's CAS, but still.

There is an ingame shot of the same sim and an ingame shot with some background. Looks nice.

The Sims Medieval CAS Shot Screenshot The Sims Medieval CAS Shot Screenshot The Sims Medieval CAS Shot Screenshot        
#2 23-03-2011
The Sims Medieval has very impressive graphics but I don't like to play quest games. I prefer simulation. It kinda makes me sad that I can't have the striking quality of CAS detail or ingame background in my Sims 2 medieval neighborhood.
The Sims 3 was a horrible disappointment to me. But that is just me.

#3 23-03-2011
That skin detail is amazing, he doesn't look like a Sim. Can I make a request for someone to extract that stone wall and convert it to Sims 2. Shy I hated Sims3 it lasted 2 hours on my computer, before I threw the disk out the window. Angry

#4 23-03-2011
I heard that Pescado, Inge are working on it and Sunni said the only reason she purchased it was to cannabalize the content for conversion to TS2.


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