Sit down to feed infant
#1 02-04-2011 
Oh, Great BoBo - God of well fed Youth:
It has always struck me very odd that infants are not held or fed while sitting. Other simmers must have already thought of this. Is this something that must be accepted?
In this instance, I do not care if the infant is bottle-fed or nursed, but I would prefer a sit-down breast feeding position. I personally know of few mothers that stood while feeding their infants.
Thanks for your time and attention! Heart

#2 02-04-2011 
Hi Nonni,

Thank you for visiting the garage with this inquiry. You've come to the right place Wink

I have wondered about the same thing quite often, too, I must admit. And the same goes for chatting, talking about hobbies or telling a joke, to name but just a few. *We* can talk while sitting down, so why do sims need to stand up for it?

Alas, the problem is that no animations are available for sitting down with the infant, because the EAxians were too lazy to come up with the idea that this could be desirable. And similar for feeding a baby in that position. After all, if you can't sit down with it, how will you feed it while sitting? An animations artist would need to make those anims first, and then a BHAV artist would have to contruct an acceptable order to play those animations in.

If I'm not mistaken, the only one whom I've heard of having done some animations, is Chris Hatch of Back Alley Sims. But I can't even be sure of that!

So, in the end it looks like we will all have to accept the fact that sims will NOT sit down with certain tasks, unless someone who knows Chris can persuade him to do the anims first.

I'm sorry that I can't do any better than this.

#3 04-06-2011 
  • Noderis
There is someone who has managed to have do the animations for sitting and feeding here, but unfortunately it's coupled with other stuff and only happens under certain conditions. Perhaps, BoilingOil, you could make this a user directed action instead?

#4 04-06-2011 
Noderis, I'm a bit conflicted about your post. On the one hand, thank you for informing me about such a mod. But on the other hand, what the hell are you thinking?

No, sorry, please don't take that personally... I just have big issues with that 'someone', as you call him. He and I, we don't like eachother very much, thank you. In fact, if we would meet in person, we're liable to start WW III! And now you want me to go digging in his mod? If I succeeded in that form of plagiarism, I would be forced to thank this p.o.s., and in return, he would send a rape gang after me...

You know what I'll do? I'll go have a looksee, perhaps I can upset him enough that he starts disliking you as well Wink Then you and I will have a shared enemy!! Big Grin

#5 05-06-2011 
*Has to check link to see if it's the "somebody" I think it is*

< clicks on link >

*Yep. I was right....*

If that joker tries to unleash a rape gang on you, give me a holler & I can promise you he will never survive the wolf-uprising that will be unleashed. (That's the cool part about being a Wolf-Goddess: instant access to hoards of ravenous, magically charged wolves. Now there's a type of death Maxis never envisioned, eh?)
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* leefish looks all round-eyed at these tales of rivalry and mayhem. I never knew.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

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All those gamers who claim the Sims games are for sissies don't know what they be talk'n 'bout...know what I say'n?

*puts magical wolf army on notice encase BO needs them*
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**Queen of the Reticulated MoonBat Society**
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Hey BO , I'm a wolf knight . His little rapist gang wont stand a chance to a wolf army and wolf knight lol
* levini gets sword ready

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Ok, well, there's no way I can chicken out now, is there? A bunch of magical wolves and one iron-clad idiot will be making sure I *must* go forward, because they block the way back! hehehehe....

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* levini feels offended and starts crying
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