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#1 02-04-2011 
Hi there first time poster and glad to find a request forum for The Sims 2 mods.

I hope that my first request will be a simple one and it has to do with Open For Business and the way that Business Ranks are named. Here is an example

10 | Visionary Vending Venture
9 | Outstanding Outlet
8 | Esteemed Establishment
7 | Unique Boutique
6 | Empowered Emporium
5 | Proficient Purveyor
4 | Burgeoning Bazaar
3 | Fledgling Firm
2 | Budding Brokerage
1 | Tenderfoot Tender
0 | Middling Merchant
-1 | Mediocre Market
-2 | Shoddy Shop
-3 | Paltry Peddler
-4 | Derelict Discounter
-5 | Bankrupt Bargain Basement

I would like one of two things to happen. Either they lose the Business Rank title completely and just have a rank number:
(ie: 10 | Visionary Vending Venture turns into LV 10 )
or I get a combination of title and rank, such as;
Visionary Vending Venture (LV 10)

It's just a bit annoying not to know how well my businesses are doing from the neighbourhood screen, especially if I haven't played that specific household in a while. Thank you.

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#2 03-04-2011 
Welcome to Leefish, XanderGC.

What brought you here, if I may be so bold?

Thank you for visiting my Garage Smile
That's an interesting request you made there, and very useful too, since I myself often struggle with it!

It's a bit similar to Phaenoh's "Level Number added to Job Titles, isn't it?
I'll see if I can find out how to fix that. Maybe I'll rip Phaenoh's mod apart for ideas!

I'll keep you updated Wink


#3 03-04-2011 
Thanks for the response Boiling Oil! I was suggested to come here by Cyjon because he doesn't take mod requests for the Sims 2 and I asked him where I could go to request mods and he sent me here. I love the Sims 2 and I own all of them in case you needed to know that.

I have that job leveling mod and I find it quite handy. I love the fact that the Sims 2 has such a brilliant and dedicated mod community, Simmer's mods make the game that much more fun to play.

Hope you can come up with something.

XanderGC Smile
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#4 03-04-2011 
Oh WOW, a redirect by Cyjon! I'm honoured that such a knowledgeable modder thinks of me Smile
I know he doesn't do requests. He merely mods for his own game, and makes his work available for others on an as-is basis: take it as it comes, or do without it. He's a very busy man, I guess.

Based on the subject of this thread, I already concluded that you would have OFB, which at this time was the only thing important to me, but it's good to know that you have everything else as well Smile

I've been looking for a resource where the Business levels may be named, but so far, I've not had any luck... I'm not done yet, though, so there's still hope! Wink

I'm on it!

#5 03-04-2011 
I was talking to Phae when she did that levels mod, she said she just changed the strings.
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#6 03-04-2011 
Yup, I know what she did... But for me to change the strings for the business levels, I will first have to find the file where they are stored, don't I? Smile

So that's what I'm doing at present... trying to find that file! It's not like the EAxians labeled everyhting so clearly, alas Sad They have hundreds, if not thousands, of files, simply named "Names", or "Attributes" or things of that nature, with no indication of what object/function they're linked to.

#7 04-04-2011 
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Wow EAxis sure didn't think too far ahead when they coded this game did they lol. Is that why almost every patch broke something odd or unrelated in the game?

I must say that I respect the work you modders do for the game, without you guys I probably would have stopped playing the Sims 2 years ago. So thank you.

#8 04-04-2011 
Thank you for the kind words, guest. It's much appreciated! Big Grin

Edit to update:

I've made some progress: I've found where those strings are stored, and am now about to test something. I'll keep y'all updated!

#9 04-04-2011 
Ok, this is not so funny... I've found the correct resource, named "EP3 - Business Monikers", in the file .\TSData\Res\Text\Live.package

I've extracted this resource, altered some of its data, and packaged it. So far, so good, one would think. Think? Yes. Believe? Not really...
Putting this package in the Downloads folder does NOT change a thing, neither in the neighborhood view, nor while playing a household or business.
I've also tried putting the package in the Overrides folder of the latest EP (M&G in my case), and still nothing happened.

So, although I've found the file to edit, the issue has not been solved yet. I'm still on it, though.

#10 04-04-2011 
Well how odd is that. I can try and keep an eye out for Phae, but I think she did the process you describe - package in downloads folder. You are overwriting the other strings so its only one language?
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