Delphy is cleaning up modyourpanties...... be calm. MYP is an image store, and I have been using it for the last three years for random images. Um yea. So, D got a bit fed up of people using it for random stuff, so he made it MTSusers only.

Anyway - I have a lot of images, so I am snuffling through.

This one seemed kind of appropriate as its a sentry bot.

Clean Up Time Screenshot          
#2 21-04-2011
Yeah, that is a cool image.

#3 22-04-2011
Yes, I made that one a long time ago - as we can see my photoshop skills are very small.... Not really in keeping with Living Sims, which is where I made the picture for. Smile

* leefish shakes head at the innocent simmer she was then.

#4 22-04-2011
it looks sorta ok ... now ... if only i can make recolors ... if find that effer in game and make him all grungy and rusty


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