Grocery Windows for TS3
#1 26-04-2011 
Yea, I will have a go at moving these across to TS3. However, I really cannot be bothered to fiddle about with all the mapping etc so they will probably not make it onto MTS.

[Image: thumb320x240]

Current status:

Mask = done
Mesh = done (reusing the TS2 mesh)
Specular = Not done
Multiplier = done

Now I just need to get the mesh INTO the package.

#2 15-05-2011 
* levini shoves mesh into package
Here you go Lee ... I did it for you lol

#3 15-05-2011 
levini - what are you on about? That is a pointless post.
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#4 15-05-2011 
sorry lol I was just Joking lol . But anyhoo I am curious at what the specular and multiplier do . I wanna learn some TS3 stuff before i *do* go into TS3 / TS3 creation

#5 15-05-2011 
Well, I am busy with my graphs. Those are more important to me than those windows.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#6 15-05-2011 
oh. Thats ok . Whenever you get the chance , I would love to Learn what it is .. TS3 creation sounds a little cooler and simpler than TS2


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