I love taking pictures ingame so what better opportunity than to take pictures at a wedding. Sometimes you can get a really great shot.

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#2 17-05-2011
Aww. The sims2 sims are so darn cute - you gotta love em. Love that first shot Xander Smile

#3 17-05-2011
Funny thing is I only knew of two people in RL who played the Sims, my best friend who has played the Sims since the very beginning and my mom when I got her addicted to it. I like creating stories with my Sims so naturally I also take lots of pictures lol.

The first shot was my very first wedding at the chapel. They had 3 chemistry together and I was really happy with how that first one turned out. Smile

#4 17-05-2011
I like taking pics but I suck at stories. I thought of setting up a stories system but its a lot of work and people may not use it.


Sorry, that is a members only option