Floor Urinals
#1 17-05-2011 
Hi Leefish,

Ok not the most glamorous thing in the entire world but it should be relatively simple I hope. Basically it's a urinal that touches the floor. That is all for my first request, it doesn't need to be a brand new object with new interactions, it could be a clone of the original urinal it doesn't even have to be for home because I can make a plumbing store and then I can make them buy it.

I attached a picture of roughly the idea I'm going for. Although it should have a dirty state as well because men's rooms get dirty and apparently in the Sims world at least urinals never get cleaned once dirty lol.

Thank you and good luck! Big Grin


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#2 17-05-2011 
Ok, I shall have a go Smile
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#3 17-05-2011 
Thank you colour me excited! Big Grin
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#4 18-05-2011 
uhm Leefishy . Not to destroy any bubbles.
Katvip @ The Garden of Shadows did that But it Requires K&B stuff.
Its Here -> http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardeno...#msg520010
All it needs is to be fixed to be cloned from the URINAL (its cloned from a toilet ) and given a sparkly Texture and a dirty texture. But IDK if you should use it though (thats if you happen to ) since it was extracted from one of the Silent hill games and that alone is illegal.

#5 18-05-2011 
Levini - I don't have bubbles. Aside from that, thank you, that means Xander can have it right away rather than waiting for the rather slow fish. A link to the GOS item would be nice if you have one.

While I am here - may I remind you - you are not a newspaper. Correct punctuation and capitalisation will make your posts considerably less irritating to read.
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#6 18-05-2011 
Okey dokey Lee.
I posted the link I was just saying because i saw it. The only problem though is that its cloned from a toilet. Also I am editing my post to be less irritating. Hey at least its better than Daft dottage

#7 18-05-2011 
Lol - indeed it is.

Re the urinal - I see that the creator is still active on GOS - perhaps Xander can contact the creator direct regarding editing the file? I am NOT sure, but are urinals base? I thought they were maybe NightLife. That could be why they did not clone the urinal.
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#8 18-05-2011 
Her version requires kitchen and bath . I think they come with base . It would make sense for it to happen , unless community lots came with nightlife . And anyway I wouldn't trust her to edit the file . As it's prob "not a major bug" . Lee I'd fix it up since I have never tried toilets and would love to try making some plumbing items lol . It isn't her mesh anyway so she can't call me out on stealing if I fix it up . Now . All I need is some kind lady to recolor my version for Xander . Yoo hoo Michelle lol

#9 18-05-2011 
I honestly don't mind waiting to see what the fish comes up with and the urinal linked while nice isn't the urinal for me lol.

I just went into the game and took this screenie, so I at least have proof that the urinal is from the base game.

[Image: 5731756941_d2a2e67e76_z_d.jpg]

That should help Sleepy
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#10 18-05-2011 
Hmmm Xander . All it needed is a simple recolor . And fixate . Anyway I may as well make it since I want it , but don't have K&B . I heard there wasnt much I was missing anyway._.


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