Faster browse and buy times for shoppers
#1 18-05-2011 
Dear BoilingOil, I hope that I am observing proper netiquette here by drawing you attention to this request over at Medieval Sims. As soon as I read the post I thought of you and BO's Grease Pit.

Quote:I'm wondering if any of our amazing modders will take this little task on--it would be much appreciated! A few years ago Monique at MTS did a mod to reduce browse & buy times for shoppers, but never updated it past Pets EP. It isn't compatible with Seasons or anything later apparently, so it's no use to me unless it gets updated.
Here's the link to it at MTS. Anyone interested?

#2 20-05-2011 
I could see if I can find that mod by Monique, and then check how much work it is to update it... But that's all I can promise. (I wonder why Heloise didn't come here and request it herself... After all, she's registered here, too Smile)

#3 20-05-2011 
I wonder also, in a later post she did address you:

Quote:I was hoping our resident wizard, St. Beau might be interested in taking a look. (Please, sir??)

She does seem to be a little shy, maybe. Do you want me to send her here? Could be she is like me, I miss or overlook a lot of important details and then ask silly questions.

#4 20-05-2011 
Nah, no need to drag her over here just to confirm that you've already relayed her question to me Wink She'll find out if and when I announce the existence of an updated faster browse & buy mod, I guess Smile

#5 22-06-2011 
Hi I don't know if this is similar enough to what you are looking for but Squinge over at Insimenator has two mods that deal with what you are looking for. One makes customer's buy bar go up faster if you do a sales interaction with them and the other rings up customers faster at the til.

I have all SP's and AL's and it worked for me, but the mod itself hasn't been updated since 2006 so just a fair warning.

Raise Buy Bar Faster: -> Link

Ring Up Customers Faster: -> Link
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