What started you simming?
#1 18-05-2011 
I started with the sims when one of my work colleagues invited me round to her house and during the evening she made some remark in a funny language I had never heard before.

I said "Wha?"

and she said "Its Simlish"

I said "Simlish?"

she said "Have you never heard of Sims? I thought you were a game player? Lemme show you"

and she fired up sims2 ('twas JUST before Pets came out) and showed me the house building and some basics and played with her sim a bit. I went home and bought the base game and all the expansions. Then I discovered I needed a new pc, so I bought that too. Yea, twas love at first sight - same with the SNES. She did not have any CC though - I can't remember why I went looking for cc - but I did - and found TSR - with a link to CEP - and THEN I found MTS. Never left.

How did YOU become a simmer?

#2 18-05-2011 
Well My step-mom started with TS1 after a while she never played again.
It wasn't until i was in the 6th grade when I found it and she passed it to me. After that just never got off of it. when i went looking for extra content as my step mom said there was. I found TSR. Then when i started TS2 I found MTS, GOS , and BPS through the exchange/BBS. So yeah . thats how i became a simmer

#3 19-05-2011 
My daughter was trying to distract me when I was in a very deep funk after my mother died. There was a sale on "The Sims 2 Double Deluxe" and she dragged me to the store. I bought it to humor her but when I got into it - BAM! I was hooked. I love playing sims but the community, the friends I have made and the things I am learning that challenge me make it so much more than just a game.

#4 19-05-2011 
My son asked for Sim City 4, and I learned to play so I could teach him(he couldn't get his cities to last very long). I ended up spending hours playing on my own. From there, we got TS1 and I played it a little, then he got the console version of TS2. I thought it was just stupid and would leave the room when he started to play. Then like Nonni, we caught Double Deluxe on sale, and I was hooked from then on. I went looking for some cheats and tutorials and found MTS on a link site(directly above the TSR link). I dowloaded a crapload of stuffs, then tried something on my own. Then I met Lee Heart .
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#5 19-05-2011 
I had believed for a long time that games like "The Sims" weren't something I would be interested in. I mostly played puzzle-, adventure- and strategy-style games, and the sims didn't fit either of those categories. However, sometimes I'd have a period - a few weeks - where I wouldn't care much for the games I usually played. I'd be watching a lot of TV or reading books in stead. Three years ago, I hit such a island in time again, but this time a friend of mine introduced me to The Sims 2 and - contrary to my initial feelings towards the game - I actually *liked* what I was seeing.

That got me started, and now I've discarded all other games in favor of this utter addiction. If ever I lose the ability to play or mod for this game, I'll be in need of professional help!

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I pirated a copy of the Sims 1 back long ago and it came with some mods and a few of the EPs, The game fascinated me so much that I wondered if I was missing anything due to my having a bootleg. So, I went out and bought it and most of the EPs, mainly what I wanted and anything my GF at the time wanted. On one of the disc Maxis put an ad for the Sims 2, and as soon as it was released I went and bought it and everything for it. The reason I haven't hopped over to the Sims 3 is because I put so much time in teaching myself how to mod the sims 2, that I really don't want to relearn it all over again.

#7 04-06-2011 
When I got a new computer back in 2002, you got to pick three free games to go with it. One of the games you could choose from was The Sims, and since I had heard about it a couple of times and thought it sound interesting (and hey, it was free!), it was one of the games I picked. The first time I played it, I was hooked. It was like a drug, I barely put it down until TS2 came. Smile (That was the first time ever I've bought a game the same day it was released; usually, I wait until people have been playing it for a while and can tell me how bad the bugs are. Tongue )
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Before I had begun to play the Sims games I was playing a series called "Harvest Moon" - where the objective was to clean up and maintain a farm and help the village thrive once more. It was more than a farming simulation it was an odd hybrid of farming sim with RPG elements. You could court one of 5 possible spouses and get married and raise a small family, you could help out the neighbours with various tasks and you could slowly unlock different areas around the town. People would come and go depending on various things you did or didn't do. It was great fun but you couldn't customize your house or your avatar and you had to maintain a farm or forage in the woods for you income, so it was kinda limited but it was fun.

It was right around that time when this little game called The Sims was coming out to PC and my friend and I got it and we were instantly hooked. Years went by and between multiple expansions and console versions I was pretty Simmed out, then the The Sims 2 came out and it was like a breath of fresh air. It took the basic idea and added generations, aging and aspirations which totally gave another thing for us to do instead of just trying to keep them alive. My mom wasn't at all interested in TS1 but she was drawn to TS2 and she and I still play it to this day. It's nice to have someone else to talk Sim-stuff about with. Big Grin
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I realize this is my first post at LeeFish, but it's good place to start Tongue

I got Sims 1 deluxe as a random shopping from a kiosk years back, cause I was bored and needed new game to play. What a different life I would have had if I had decided it cost few marks too much (Finnish currency at that time)...!

So I played Sims 1, and then realized there was Sims 2 for play station 2, so I got that, and got hooked for building. That lead on to buying the Sims 2 games for PC, and then I was so hooked I had no way to return. When TS3 came, I was so sold.

I love Sims, and my life would be so boring without it, and the awesome people I have met. Big Grin

#10 18-08-2011 
*thinks back*

I remember the day when my father bought me a copy of the original Simcity. I also remember that I liked it very much. It's been such a long time since I've played it, and I no longer have the disks for it, so I may have forgotten some of the finer points of it. By modern standards, it was very primitive. The top down view was the only choice you had, and every zone was 3x3. But, it pretty much snowballed from there.

Later, I started playing games such as Simcity 2000 (anyone remember the flying alien from outer space?), and SimTower (I could never maintain a 5-star rating!).

Eventually, I became aware of TS1. I wasn't sure what to expect of it, but the thought of it was exciting. Instead of acting out the part of an immortal, dictatorial mayor, I was instead an omnipotent being able to directly control the lives of actual sims, in their day to day lives. Will they be happy, or sad? Fulfilled, or disappointed?

Later on, I bought a copy. It's shortcomings (particularly in the base game) are too restrictive nowadays, but at the time it just seemed so great. I fell in love with the game almost immediately, despite the fact your sims couldn't visit others' homes, were effectively on house arrest 24/7 (except for work), couldn't drive, and they were expected to work 7 days a week. Though I also remember it was possible to take every other day off work without penalty. I had initially skipped the EPs, though I learned what a BIG mistake that was when I ultimately purchased the TS1 Complete Collection. When I bought it, many of the shortcomings were still present, but it was SO much better than the vanilla base game. SO many more things for sims to do, and much less boring than the TS1 base game alone. I vowed never to make the same mistake again with any later versions.

Some time passed, but eventually I learned of TS3. Remembering my lesson learned with TS1, I didn't buy it until some EPs were available. I get the impression I would have been highly sick of Sunset Valley (at least with only the base game features) if I had. So actually, I waited until both World Adventures and Ambitions were available, and thus have always had them.

Though eventually, I started to get bored of it. I'm just glad that I discovered the concept of CC, Mods, and so on, so it's not as boring anymore. As I've mentioned in my introductory thread, I'm mostly a lot builder, though I've been making glacial slow progress on a world, and I've been branching out into other areas of modding. For example....child sims in TS3 can't play the LN instruments....seriously?

Nowadays, I don't play as much as I once did. Instead, most of my time spent on Sim-related activities making more lots and other modding for it.

Sorry for the long post. I actually cut out some things for the sake of brevity, but that's the general gist of it.


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