My Sims WooHoo a lot and sometimes you just happen to capture a really a nice moment that really shows off how great the Sims 2 still looks to this day. To be fair though custom content such as hair and lighting go a long way to keeping the dream alive lol.

No nudity I promise, unless a man's bare chest counts as nudity lol.

XGC Smile

WooHoo Screenshot WooHoo Screenshot WooHoo Screenshot WooHoo Screenshot      
#2 18-05-2011
My sims are not frantic woohooers but I have to say how much thought and effort Maxis/EA put into the woohoo "cinema - scenes" has always impressed me. They don't do those cinema sequences in TS3.

#3 19-05-2011
They didnt ???
Well. I never really cared much for the cut scenes.

#4 19-05-2011
Yea, levini, you would have to be Dutch (or speak Dutch) to know why I didn't call them cut-scenes Wink


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