The Sims can do some silly things sometimes and whether that is caused by you the player, a mod that changed things too much or just a timing issue in pathing or animations, the Sims can provide countless hours of entertainment.

Even better when you capture some of those moments as I have done.

XGC Wink

Funnies 2 Screenshot Funnies 2 Screenshot Funnies 2 Screenshot Funnies 2 Screenshot      
#2 19-05-2011
OMG!!! Cow of death!!!
* levini cues X-files music

#3 19-05-2011
Personally, I find the cow way more creepy looking then the Llama. Especially since I swear one of those Cow Mascots practically lived at the dorm my Sims were staying at lol.

#4 19-05-2011
Those cow mascots are the most annoying thing. My sim was at his FIRST DAY at Uni and some Cow Mascot came up and mocked him and showed him up in front of all his new dorm-mates. Poor sim.


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