I personally loved it when the Sims 2 finally got their very own pets to take care of and even though it was a tad glitchy and the pets were quite a time sink I'm glad that it was included in the series.

Fun Fact: I am a cat person in real life but in my current neighbourhood not a single Sim owns a cat yet lol.

XGC Smile

Dogs Screenshot Dogs Screenshot Dogs Screenshot Dogs Screenshot      
#2 20-05-2011
The pets were/are adorable. I never had a bird as a pet though.

How do you get these cute pics Xander? C with the game camera? I never have any random pics - too much of a control freak I guess. I always spend hours setting up shots, rotating camera round etc etc.

#3 20-05-2011
I find it funny that the title of this album is dogs and yet I included a picture of a bird by mistake lol. Can I edit that?

Yes for the most part I use the in-game camera but I usually use the Free Camera mode by hitting the tab button. You get far more control and you can get zoom in really close or far away using it. Great for making paintings/taking pictures to hang on walls too.

In Free Camera mode if your press Z you zoom in even more and X zooms you out into a more wide angle/fisheye look.

I capture pictures because I like to share even if it's not a perfect angle but I do try my best lol.

#4 20-05-2011
Yea, I see you found the edit button Smile

That shot made me lol - my cat does that Smile


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