Bills Bills Bills
#1 21-05-2011 
Ok here we go with another attempt to come up with a simple mod request lol.

I have two mods that I would like combined and altered. They both already exist but as far as I can tell they don't work together.

Cyjon's - Bigger Bills Is a mod that alters how often come and how much bills subtract from your family funds. His mod makes bills come 6 Days a week. That is far too often and too expensive for some of my families.

Now on the flipside...

MTS Tom Duhamel's - Bills Delivered Monday and Thursday Is a mod that doesn't alter how much the bills cost just when they come.

My Suggestion:

I want the timeframe of the second mod with an altered version of the first mod. Bills will only come twice a week but will be a bit higher than normal so that my rich Sims will have to consider their next purchase. Smile

No need for an ETA on the mod just thought I'd put it out there. Thank you a bunch! Big Grin
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#2 21-05-2011 
I'll give this one some thought, Xander! Smile


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