I'm gonna have to host more weddings soon so that I can get even more pictures. This album has Sims that are all of my current families and their friends that I am playing. The great thing about having the wedding on a community lot is that once you actually start the ceremony all current Sims on the lot will switch to their Formal attire and join in on the festivities.

Should I make an outdoor Wedding ceremony lot as well? Big Grin

XGC Smile

Weddings 2 Screenshot Weddings 2 Screenshot Weddings 2 Screenshot Weddings 2 Screenshot      
#2 21-05-2011
Ok, in about one week time you've already achieved domination of the pics section on this site! You may stop now, so others will have a chance at it too Big Grin

#3 21-05-2011
OMG - site domination by Xander Smile

I think he wants a contest forum - got to have some ideas first though Wink

#4 22-05-2011
Yeah I know I got a little carried away lol. It's just nice to share stuff with other Sims fans because my other fave sites have since either died or got lost somewhere in the interwebs.

I'll spread them out from now on lol Big Grin



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