Sadly I never went to college and I can't help but feel that I missed out on some things and maybe if I was a different person I probably would be that crazy college guy...oh well lol.

Sims doing typical college stuff... I think lol.

XGC Smile

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#2 22-05-2011
Yea, reminds me of my Uni days - eating unhealthy food, kissing strange sims, playing cards. And Floating. Yup, was a lot of "floating" going on - I think thats why we ate so many bags of crisps (chips)

#3 22-05-2011
If I had actually gone to college I'm sure I would have disappeared into my room and only appeared to go to class or to eat. I'm sure though I would have not had stink lines around me 24 / 7 though lol.

Funny story though, my last time playing UNI I had like 4 NPC college students die of starvation during their "years" at college.

#4 22-05-2011
Well, in an attempt to recreate my own college days I did an experiment on my sim. The idea was that the sim would go to college and with no input from me at all (total free will) see how long they lasted (like when they would get chucked out for not going to class failing exams etc).

Interesting Fact: If your sim is in a dorm then they will NOT succeed. However, if you put your sim in some hut on campus where they at least have to cook their own meals and assign them the philosophy major - then they will get some form of degree at the end of their college years. This has never failed. I have had a couple of sims go into aspiration failure, and they usually have to resit at least one semester - but yea, they can do it on their own Smile

PS: My degree was English Lit - practically Philosophy - read stuff all day and bla bla about it later Wink


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