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Updated for 1.26!

Warning: If you're allergic to mainstream, mind numbing pop artists then you might want to go back from whence you came. If you think you'll be okay, then read on!

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In honor of the release of Lady GaGa's third studio album, Born This Way, I made a CD collection clutter for your little monster sims. In the compilation, you'll see:
  • The Fame
  • The Fame Monster (inside cover art)
  • Born This Way
  • Disco Heaven (The Fame B-Sides)
  • The Fame Monster disc 1
  • The Fame disc

As a bonus, I did a similar set for Britney Spears (my original pop obsession)!

[Image: thumb640x480]

Her set includes:
  • ...Baby One More Time
  • Oops...I Did It Again!
  • In the Zone
  • Circus (inside cover art + disc)
  • Britney disc
  • Femme Fetale disc

Huge thanks to aikea_guinea and her Sorid Details Following CD set. All the credit goes to her for the meshes, I simply swapped out textures.

I tried to link my textures to her meshes so it will do the slave thingy like hers do. However, it only worked for the master object (pictured) but not the 7 other slave meshes. Sooooo...yeah...all you need is this package, her original meshes are not needed.
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-You may use my creations with sims
-You may use my objects with lots.
-You may retexture my meshes.
-You may include my meshes with retextures.
-You may NOT upload my creations with sims
-You may NOT upload my objects with lots.
-You may NOT upload my creations to paysites.
-You may NOT upload my creations to the exchange.
-Always credit me with a link
-I do NOT take requests!

Pop Trash! Screenshot Pop Trash! Screenshot Pop Trash! Screenshot Pop Trash! Screenshot      
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#2 25-05-2011
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How nice. I can really use these when staging! Thanks

#3 27-05-2011
Lol Dal They look nice
Are these Recolorable? (i.e. Can I change the artwork on them? )
Because as soon as I get in TS3 (which may be soon ) I'm gonna be on the look around for some CDs and such and these might be just the perfect thing to mess with mod

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#4 27-05-2011
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Um, yeah? These are just a retexture of Aikea's cds so you can go back and add your own textures. Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option