• Sims in space - literally!
  • Creator: NixNivis
This one was too silly not to share. Smile

I like to tell Sim stories, but sometimes when I set up my screenshots, the Sims... well, let's just say they don't always behave exactly as I intended.

This particular scene is supposed to be set on a starship - as in, in space. Granted, in Star Trek, they've run into all kinds of space-dwelling creatures, but... I don't think anybody has run into that kind of space-dwelling creature before. Tongue

Sims in space - literally! Screenshot          
#2 30-05-2011
OMG I love it! Great use of lighting and custom content you got there! Big Grin

#3 30-05-2011
uh oh. Someone forgot Rule one of Space Walking . ALWAYS wear a helmet and space suit . They protect you From the rocks and Stars

#4 30-05-2011
@Xander, thanks! I'm nuts about props. Smile The uniforms, PADDs and the mug are by yours truly; the background filler was an unexpected bonus. Wink

levini, not to mention giant space amoebas. You always have to remember your amoeba protection spray when walking in space!


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