No Pet Learning Once Fully Trained?
#1 01-06-2011 
Hey there, dearest favorite of all the modders I trust!

This is likely another of my "can't be done" and/or "what a lame request" whiny wants, but I know that at least you will tell me why it can't be done and/or that you simply don't want to do it, so I thought I would go ahead & ask anyway.

Okay, so "Lilly" adopts herself a dog named "Spot" & starts to re-train her new pal in the art of living in a civilized home, because having been a former stray Spot currently thinks it's just peachy to eat couches & pee all over the kitchen floor. So of course Lilly (with some help from me, of course) keeps a watchful eye on Spot's icon in the family selection tree so whenever that little I-am-doing-something-that-can-be-rewarded-or-punished symbol comes up she can swoop in & intervene as needed.

Time passes & now dear Spot has been completely trained to leave the couch alone & to get his fuzzy butt outside when he has to answer the call of nature...

...only poor Lilly is still being subjected to constant heart palpitations, as that stupid "trainable event" symbol is STILL popping up, despite Spot showing 100% training in said skills! Even worse, if The Great Wolf Goddess In The Sky (who controls Lilly's actions like a dictator should) should happen to be distracted at the moment (because she's also trying to keep tabs on Lilly's cheating husband, their 5 children & the new puppy named Fido) it is entirely possible for poor Spot to get wrongly rewarded/punished for something he has already supposedly fully learned, causing him to now "un-learn" it a bit, starting a vicious cycle that may one day cause the untimely death of a certain She-Wolf's computer monitor when she finally looses control & puts her fist through it!


To sum up, is there anyway to get the stupid game to quit with the "a trainable event is happening" crap once the behavior in question has reached 100% either good OR bad? (If I have taken the time to fully train/de-train a particular pet in a particular behavior, then that is how I want them to behave, period. If I should change my mind later, then that's what the Blender is for!)

Sorry for the rambling post...but, well you know how I am!
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#2 01-06-2011 
Yikes, Wolfie-dear, that's a whopper, right there! I'm not sure if this is possible or not, but I'm willing to take a look once I decide to turn on my box again Wink

I *do* know, however, why they made that symbol keep showing up: the game doesn't know which way you want your animals to be trained, so it keeps alerting you, just in case...
On the other hand, why would that symbol be a problem? I've never known sims to autonomously act on it (which *could* be due to the fact that my sims hardly get the chance to control their own lives, I admit). Also, I'm not completely certain that disabling the symbol will also stop sims from autonomously untraining any pets...

But, as I said at the top, I'm willing to see if there's anything I can do Wink (because how could I resist a she-wolf such as you, who knows how to tickle my vanity? :lol: )

#3 01-06-2011 

Yeah, I "get" why they opted for the constant "trainability" (as like you said they don't know what a player's intentions are) but I guess for me it's kinda like that stupid "party timer": I just wish there was a way to turn it off!

In truth, I think this is more of a request to keep me from being a dumb-ass (by inadvertently de-training a pet because I'm not paying a bit of attention) than anything else...although it is a bit of an annoyance to have a Sim take 5 minutes of my life to trudge outside in the snow to praise Fifi for going potty outside even though the stupid mutt already KNOWS that! (Like I said, I get a tad distracted at times!)

Hmmm. Maybe that's more what bugs me? I am getting more & more into making the game more & more challenging to play & maybe that dumb "symbol" is making things too easy? Like maybe just nuking it entirely & letting my Sims (well, me) struggle more? (In reality, nobody gets much of a "heads up" if Spot is on the couch or not unless they happen to be there to see it, after all!)

Thank the universe that pet training is NOT autonomous! I can only imagine the carnage THAT would have caused! Gads!

As to not having turned on your "box" in a while...can you keep a secret?

*looks around to see who else is listening*

I haven't so much as even launched SimPE - let alone the game itself - since early March. Just haven't quite got my head back into "Sim Mode" quite yet, you know? The really bad thing is that I am now taking a razor-sharp look at all my CC, etc & deciding what I really want from the game...and with me that's gonna mean a total "do-over" of all my hoods. (This is likely why I am shying away from re-launching just yet...anyway, I still have to finish those damned screen-shots & get that Southwestern stuff uploaded I promised some time ago!)

Okay, that's enough blathering! Time to get back to thinking about the game I am currently not actively playing! LOL!
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#4 01-06-2011 
Well, now we're making confessions, let me chip in, too! Wink

My reasons for not being active with my sims (either playing or modding) is that I'm running into one issue after another that I have no remedies for. One hood became completely unplayable while I was playing around testing NSL, and now a second hood has started acting up for unknown reasons. My favorite families in both hoods now face oblivion, and I have no idea how to continue. Of course, I can extract them from their doomed hoods and move them into another, but the continuity of their lives WILL be disrupted. History and memories will no longer accurately reflect what has really happened to them... Sad

#5 01-06-2011 
Oh, damn- that seriously bites.

I have always lived in mortal fear of neighborhood corruption (which to date I have somehow manged to avoid) & can't think of anything to say except "that really sucks".

(There are no "wolf sympathy hug" smileys yet, so here's a "sympathy slurp" instead...sorry if it's a tad on the drooly side, but you know us wolves!)

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#6 01-06-2011 
* leefish chips in with confession mode

I have a similar problem - I am only really starting up the game to test things. This has been true for a long time - ever since I lost my sim in a freak meteor accident. I was a noob and saved. In fact, now I think of it - that was how I found MTS - I was trying to find a way to get my sim back. I never did get her back, and then the game files got lost in a hard drive fail. After I lost that hood I just never had the heart to start again.

I am encouraged by the activities of people like NixNivis and MistyBlue over at MTS - using their sims games to make stories. I think that is the way I will be going.
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#7 01-06-2011 
@ZW: Yeah, canine/lupine love is a bit wet and sloppy Smile But it's the sentiment that counts, and I can handle a slurp Wink

@leefish: Ah, so that's how it started for you... I can understand how that induces reluctance to retry. Sad

#8 02-06-2011 
*XanderGC throws his two cents in*

I too know the feeling of losing a neighbourhood and even after starting over countless times there really is no way to recreate the same neighbourhood with the same people it's always different just like life. I do play fairly regularly but to be honest the minute I finally load up the game is the exact minute I look around and say "I wonder if I could change that?" and I usually end up quitting and spend lots of time looking up new mods/custom content. My friend wonders why I even play the game if I don't really play it all that often lol.
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#9 02-06-2011 
Yeah, that's also part of it, of course. I have one hood named Gaelon Valley, that I created over two years ago, but have never played. The reason for not playing it is, that it's meant to be my ultimate favorite hood. Once I start to play there, I need to be sure that I don't need to alter more stuff and start over again!
The families that live in this hood have all been transplanted from other hoods that no longer exist, they're sims I've built a sort of 'relationship' with. Any other hoods that I start, are supposed to eventually supply me with a few special sims that are then transplanted into Gaelon Valley. Once Gaelon Valley has more than just a handful of playables, I may start playing that hood.

Unfortunately, the favorite sims in those two doomed hoods were not yet ready for transplantation; I wanted them to develop some more first, have some children... maybe I should just forget them and start a new breeding-hood. But before I do that, I should first figure out what caused the last two hoods to break. Don't want to repeat that in other hoods after all, especially not in Gaelon Valley, once I start playing there.

#10 02-06-2011 
Yes if you can figure out what causes a hood to break or become corrupted please please do because now that my second generations are starting to have kids I am more than invested and while I try to do periodic backups, I would be crushed if I lost all that progress.

I know it's only a game but I created those people, I watched and guided them through their lives I cannot help but become somewhat attached lol.
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