• BreezeLess Windows
  • Creator: leefish
I got a request from PumpkinSpice to make her a sidelight window - and I quite liked the way the window looked, so I made another one that went with it. For two windows you can get a sidelight window, a one tile window, a two tile window and a two tile 3 paned window. They are a BIT lower than the breezeeasy windows (which they are slaved to) but I think they look good and not too silly. You can use them on the same house and they look ok.

BreezeLess Windows Screenshot          
#2 02-06-2011
Wow I really like those! So when you say slaved does that mean they share the same recolours as the object they are slaved to?

#3 03-06-2011
Yes Xander , they use the same textures as the original item . I actually love slaved items . They cause considerably less lag and I dont need to recolor 100 different items for one set.

#4 03-06-2011
What Levini said Smile


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