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All 'Base Game' desks recoloured to match the 5 'Craftmeister Book Nook' wood colours.

[Image: CounterProductiveWorkSurface.jpg]

These recolours also work for the 'Mirrored Base Game Desks', found HERE

Enjoy, have fun!
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Let me know if you find anything wrong with any of my work, so I do not make the same mistake in the future.

Constructive criticism and feedback are always welcome.
  • I do recolours and design my lots for pleasure, not for profit.
  • Feel free to use my recolours and include them in your lots, uploaded to free sites only.
  • However, remember to check the original creator's policies and always link to the originals.
DO NOT re-upload to pay sites or the exchange and DO NOT claim any of my work as your own.

I reserve the right to change this policy, at any time, without notification.

~Take care and stay safe.

More Base Game Desk Recolours Screenshot More Base Game Desk Recolours Screenshot More Base Game Desk Recolours Screenshot More Base Game Desk Recolours Screenshot      
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#5 05-06-2011
That would be great - its so annoying not being able to match a chair to a desk - sometimes I don't want a matching chair - but I often do for upmarket study sets etc.

#6 05-06-2011
Yeah, some chairs to go with the desks would certainly be an improvement, cuz so far I know of no matches between chairs and desks whatsoever!

#7 05-06-2011
Hooray, more matching recolours! Big Grin I use the Book Nook bookshelf a LOT, but until now I've had to settle for using desks that almost match. So thank you very very much! Heart

Oh, and count me in on those who think chairs would be a great idea; there, it's usually not about which chairs almost match the desks, but which chairs look the least horrendously off. Undecided

#8 23-08-2011
Thank you. I agree some chairs would be nice. You all so such nice work.


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