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My first attempt at recolouring an ingame object, woot! I'd love to take all the credit but since I cloned an already recoloured object part of the credit deserves to go to... *drumroll please!*

Exclamation Updated with a new alternate Simlish version of the HTC HD7 cellphone. It features Sim style icons for the phone's interface. You can only use one replacement at a time so make sure to remove the previous one before you use the Alternate version.

Missing Studios - iPhone 3

So yeah my phone is based off of the new Windows Phone 7 series of phones and just because I was able to get pics of all 5 sides of the phone, I chose the HTC HD7.

I think it would be a cool phone to have and personally I love the Metro UI that Microsoft came up with.

Remember you can only use one cellphone file at a time so if you use another one just back it up somewhere safe then remove it from your downloads folder.

Enjoy! Big Grin
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All my stuff if free to use and to enjoy just never,ever,EVER upload it to a paysite. Why make poor unsuspecting people pay for stuff like this? You are also free to change, edit or otherwise modify stuff I upload as long as you credit me we are 5x5. :D

Also if you got it from Leefish please link back to that site so more people can discover the awesome. That is all. :D

HTC HD7 for Sims 2 Screenshot HTC HD7 for Sims 2 Screenshot HTC HD7 for Sims 2 Screenshot HTC HD7 for Sims 2 Screenshot HTC HD7 for Sims 2 Screenshot HTC HD7 for Sims 2 Screenshot HTC HD7 for Sims 2 Screenshot  
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#9 08-06-2011
Of course, the latest version of each of them.. I don't use any phones IRL, but I do have an iPod Touch4, and an iPad (original). In-game, however, why not just the latest of everything?

I could try and look up the correct resources for you, X. No problemo!

#10 08-06-2011
I only asked because everyone seems to have a preference. For instance I really liked the version 3 model of the iPod, the little fat almost square one. Not really a fan of the ultra thin ones lol.


#11 11-06-2011
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I love this, but sadly it would not work in my game, my sims would go to take out the phone then they would kind of jump and just stand there without the phone, I do have uni installed.

#12 12-06-2011
Do they still keep the phone in their inventory? Or do they lose the phone?


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