I wish I could have liked the Sims 3 as much as I love the Sims 2 but for many reasons (linkage)I just don't so to make light of it here are some really random silly Sims 3 pictures. Tongue

Sorry Sims 3 Screenshot Sorry Sims 3 Screenshot Sorry Sims 3 Screenshot Sorry Sims 3 Screenshot      
#2 07-06-2011
I'm never going to know whether or not I'd like TS3, because I'm never going to try and find out. I'm already certain it won't beat TS2, so what would be the point?

#3 07-06-2011
At least you never have to be let down by it, that's something to cherish lol. I wanted the Sims 3 to be awesome because I wanted the Sims series to continue but now that it is in the direction it is headed I just wish and hope the next one will be closer to form.

#4 07-06-2011
When I first heard that TS3 was coming out, I was both excited and disappointed. Excited because yay, a new Sims game! and disappointed because it wasn't all that long since I started modding and I was convinced that, just as everybody (including me) abandoned TS1 for TS2, everybody would abandon TS2 for TS3.

But then I saw the first screenshots from TS3, and... no. Just no. I don't care how complex the Sims' personalities are in TS3, I absolutely cannot stand how they look (I know, I know, I'm shallow Tongue )! Yes, I know there are custom sliders and default replacement skins and special makeup and whatnot you can use to get away from the "puddingface", but I honestly don't think I should have to use CC just to get my Sims to look remotely decent. Besides, I like TS2.

So I've never played TS3, and I doubt I ever will - unless I get it for free with a new computer or something like that, because I'm certainly not paying any extra for it!


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