• The peace of the fish
  • Creator: armiel
I want to share something I made, and that keeps me simming everyday Smile

This peaceful fishing spot is located on my newest world in process. I'm so happy about the way it turned out I even made the picture my desktop background.

I hope you'll find some inspiration in it for you too!

The peace of the fish Screenshot          
#2 08-06-2011
Oh, now THAT looks like a cool spot to be a-fishin' at! Heart Is it a TS2 spot, though? Because if so, I *W*A*N*T* !!!

#3 08-06-2011
Thank you for your comment! Smile Unfortunately it's for TS3, I don't really create for 2, cause I simply can't Tongue

#4 08-06-2011
It is a lovely pic though Armiel - its one of the major bonuses of TS3 - the lot impostors, though pixellated, are considerably less pixellated and so its possible to take some really lovely natural shots. This is one of them Smile


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