#1 23-02-2010 
Well, the new steampunkish look for Leefish is now 90% done. I just need to work on the buttons. Usually I use css based buttons, but I decided that for the look I was going for then I had better use images this time.

Here is the design I think I will go with

[Image: newreply.gif]

I found this excellent site called filter forge - Im not too sure on the plug in, I cant judge it, but the downloadable tileable textures are not too shabby. Indeed, they are all over the new theme.

The real star though is the steamfish.....I saw it on deviantart and built the whole theme around it. Click pic for a link to this talented individuals deviant art page.

[Image: Steampunk_Fish_by_Diarment.jpg]

Anyway, back to the buttons.

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