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First of all, a huge thank to Inge from Simlogical for helping me make these. Thank you for all the countless hours you spent working on these with me, thanks for your patience with all my questions and frustration. Thank you Smile

Thanks to LeeFish for making me make these and dragging Inge to #create so she could help me. Thanks for testing. Thank you Smile

CAST yourself a chimney!

After some playing with all the fake chimney pieces, I was told that all this could be made so that EA fireplaces used my pieces automatically instead of the original un-castable chimneys.

That started a time of fiddling with pieces, mappings, weird files I had never heard of, programs I only barely knew how to use, and a lot of testing Tongue

I am happy to finally present you the REAL CASTable CHIMNEYS that are placed automatically when you place an EA fireplace Smile

What did I do then?
There is a file on rar that allows EA chimneys to use my castable chimney pieces instead of EA's non-castable ones. At this moment it has been impossible for me to make individual files for all the fireplaces, so I have made one file, that changes the chimneys of 6 EA fireplaces.
I have also made improved chimney pieces. Mapped them as good as I ever could, and made them work together without seams.
The chimney cap that the smoke comes out, that I couldn't get working my making a replacement, so Inge was kind enough to recolour it for me, to use black instead of red bricks.
I also made a fake chimney cap bottom, which doesn't place automatically. It is optional for you to download and use.

Here is a picture of the fireplaces that can use the new castable chimneys:

[Image: thumb640x480]

I can't give you the names of the fireplaces, as I play in finnish. They are all found in the build mode, next to the EA original fireplaces. Prices are the same as originals.

[Image: thumb640x480]

Info you should read:
- All though there is only one file that changes the behavior of the fireplaces (base, wa, amb), you CAN use the file even if you only had only base game, or just ambitions for example. The fireplaces of EP's you don't have, show on your catalog, you just can't use them.
- The lack of EP's does not make your game crash, this has been all tested by many testers.

What do I download?
NEEDED: Download armiel_CAST yourself a chimney!. rar for the chimney pieces and the file that allows the fireplaces to use them.
OPTIONAL: Download armiel_chimney_cap_fake (optional).rar to get the fake cap bottom.

I didn't want to fill this post with pictures. There are few more in the screenhots, about tiling, and some other pics.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy these!
Please credit with a link when using on your creations Smile
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CAST yourself a chimney! Screenshot CAST yourself a chimney! Screenshot CAST yourself a chimney! Screenshot CAST yourself a chimney! Screenshot CAST yourself a chimney! Screenshot CAST yourself a chimney! Screenshot    
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Yay Smile Thank you Armiel

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Looks better in here >.< hehe

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I don't play TS3, but if I did, I'd absolutely want to have this in my game! It sounds very nifty, and looks good to boot. Smile


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