One of my families has begun their second generation so I would like to honor that with some pictures taken of some of their most treasured memories. I would also like to say that this is the first family to have a cat in the entire neighborhood so that is also pretty special.

Father: Joey DeLuca
Mother: Lisa DeLuca
Son (blond toddler and baby pic): Leon DeLuca
Daughter: Jeanie DeLuca
Cat: Mr. Fluffington


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#2 11-06-2011
AWWWWWW at Mr Fluffington. I love his grouchy face when Jeanie is cuddling him.

#3 11-06-2011
Awhahaha, I love the look on Mr. Fluffingtons face on the hug picture!

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#4 11-06-2011
Yeah she kept doing it over and over and over again lol. Playing a house with 5 characters in it is hard I couldn't imagine doing it with 10 Sims and 2 Pets. How anyone could want any more in a household baffles me lol.


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