Signature Image Sizes (HxW)
#21 13-06-2011 
Silly Lee and her brain Boost
* levini rushes to GIMP to make a Banner
Im making a siggy Banner .. As I dont Think Nonni approves of my signature (Its from a song .. and Not a very Clean one at that (The Lyrics for the Second line was altered))

#22 13-06-2011 
I agree with the signature size being limited because then it really forces people to be creative.

@leefish - I'm game for whatever you throw at me, unless I can't do it then it's game over lol.
[Image: sig55.jpg]

#23 13-06-2011 
Well I Just did My siggy Xander .. Whaddya Think ?? Its real Fancy lol

#24 13-06-2011 
@levini: Now THAT's a siggy to be proud of, Lev! Eye-catching in a creative manner, but not obnoxiously so.

#25 13-06-2011 
Lol BO. I did it to match my Site Header, which I cant figure out how to play with so that said text will not be there . Maybe Lee can help ??

#26 13-06-2011 
@anyone wanting to take it on: I'd like to have such a creative siggy, too, preferrably using elements from the top banner at my section "BO's Grease Pit". However, I'm totally NOT creative at all, so I'd be extremely grateful if someone else would take it on.... *grovel, grovel, beg, beg*

Of course, the siggy would also *mention* "BO's Grease Pit" or "BoilingOil's Grease Pit", so I can use it at multiple sites, as a link to the pit Wink

#27 13-06-2011 
Lev - I would be happy to help - but I get the feeling (is SURE actually) that Xander will be a lot better choice.
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#28 13-06-2011 
Hrmmm.. Thats If Xander wants to

#29 13-06-2011 
BO - There is this mini-banner

[Image: minioil.jpg]
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#30 13-06-2011 
OMG!! SQUEEE!! It's a Mini Banner!!! lol
* levini Fangirls over The Cute Little Banner


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