Signature Image Sizes (HxW)
#1 12-06-2011 
Ok blame it on my OCD but today I decided to create a new signature image for myself and after much, much trial and error I have come across what I believe to be the safest image dimensions to use so that you won't get the "image has been scaled down message" or the scrollbar.


Height: 55px Max
Width: 600px (Seems safest)

Not sure if this was the place to post it but I'm sure Leefish will find a better place for it should she think it necessary lol. Big Grin
[Image: sig55.jpg]

#2 12-06-2011 
aahhhh... I see. Looks good, thanks.

#3 13-06-2011 
awww, sorry Xander, but I hate enormous flashy signatures in posts, so I, um, made it a bit hard to have them.

We have no users with such signatures so it seems my policy has worked.

EDIT: also could have used firefox web developer thingy and seen that height is set at 55px Smile
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#4 13-06-2011 
Which is Buzzkill For me. All my Signatures are too Large :\ Im going to have to get Shell to make me one that is suitable for Leefish

#5 13-06-2011 
Well, a lot of places dont allow pictures in sigs at all. I thought that was mean (I wanted one you see Tongue) but I also wanted to read the posts when I read a post, and not be distracted by enormo-sigs.
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#6 13-06-2011 
How can I shrink my siggy without losing animation? Shell made mine and I love the animation.Heart

#7 13-06-2011 
Its not the image that is doing it - its the text. I think.

* leefish goes to edit
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#8 13-06-2011 
FISH LORD!!! You are so gracious to your minions.

#9 13-06-2011 
Um. Its NOT the text - it's the image at 56px high. Yea, I know, its JUST one pixel - but then will be another - and another - and then one day we will have signatures taller than the Empire State Building

* leefish exaggerate????...nah, never

ask Shell to shrink it a TEENY bit in image ready. 51 px will be perfect size (due to bold text)
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#10 13-06-2011 
Okie-Dokie, Lord (lady Lee).Wink

Side Bar to Xander:
Would you design a siggy for me? I need something elegant with flair and a bit more extravagant size wise. Levini did one for me sometime in the past but it was lost in a site closing and he has been too busy lately to respond to the last 2 PMs I sent him (having just started his school holidays he is probably trying to do 10 projects at once ~ BTW he has a delightful house here, watch his slideshow, you won't regret it).
I will PM the details...should you decide to take on this request. Shy


Sorry, that is a members only option