#11 14-06-2011 
Zax;5768 Wrote:Does people still play that game?

Does your head spin when I whack it? Of course it does! And of course people still play TS2... what the heck did you think I was modding for? For the dust bunnies? Tongue

#12 14-06-2011 
Zax;5768 Wrote:Hmm, maybe do something in TS2 instead...? Does people still play that game?

Sure they do - more than you would think. In fact, I was over on Criquettes blog the other day on MTS and he saw that he had ONCE had a download link for this great distant terrain thing for TS2 - but the file was gone. I should do a WCIF on mts I guess - unless YOU have it?

Lol at cross post with BO Smile
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#13 14-06-2011 
Lol zax. I still play it , that is until someone converts my favorite items for TS3..
* levini drags list of items he wants converted for TS3 out

#14 14-06-2011 
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Haha, shows what I know. Big Grin

Sorry Lee, I haven't got it either. Maybe you could send him a email and ask him to reupload it...? Please? Angel

#15 14-06-2011 
Well, maybe I will Smile

I always dreamed of making a little village like out of an Agatha Christie novel - all hedgerows and a village square with shops and a country churchyard with a rectory and a golf course as a decorative hood object . I don't have the patience/skill/simcity4 for the map though.
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#16 14-06-2011 
Reupload what?? I don't get it !!
Anyhoo Zax, Levini wants to know, do you have any creations around ?? I would love to see them
... I'm going crazy!! EEEK!!!
* levini runs screaming out of the room

#17 14-06-2011 
Zaxis items on MTS
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#18 14-06-2011 
Thanks Lee ^^

#19 14-06-2011 
Yea, the diner is awesome huh? The shelter is cool too, and I love the decorated hoods.
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#20 14-06-2011 
Hi Zax, I post pics and am currently trying my hand at recolours. Glad to have more fish in the ocean lol.
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