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#1 14-06-2011 
The following is all things I thought up today and I figured I would share it. Think of it as tips slash random facts about our fave virtual familes...no, the Sims 3 is not included in this list. Big Grin

Sims don't have to go to college to become Doctor's, Lawyers or Teachers.

You can put a burglar alarm outside if you build walls around the outside wall you want to

put it on to enclose it, thus enclosing it tricking the game into thinking you are placing it indoors.

The cheat codes to control pets also works on roomates from Apartment Life.

The popularity aspiration failure animation is inspired by the movie Castaway.

If you hover of a want icon before you complete another one it acts as another lock.

Sims can fear having a baby and want to have a baby at the same time.

You can use CTRL 4-9 to save specific camera angles. That is 6 specified camera angles per lot.

F10 hides the games user interface.

Sims can have nightmares if their aspiration is low.

If you lock or delete the front door you can look through the telescope during the day and not have to worry about being shoved.

While you can't cancel the newspaper you can collect the max amount and just put them somewhere where you won't be able to see them that way your Environment won't drop like a rock.

The TAB key switches the camera to camera man mode. Perfect for taking pictures. While in this mode Z zooms in and X zooms out, kinda gives a fish-eye effect to your pictures.

The headmaster can deny your children to private school if your outside area is deemed unworthy.

Rare, but possible is the chance that an NPC Service Sim can die while working on your lot due to starvation or other death outcomes.

All the different games you can purchase in the game are games that are published by EA Games.

Your Sims cannot die while at work, even if their needs bottom out completely.

You can use the cheat "deleteAllCharacters" in the neighborhood to force the game to re-create all the Sims in that neighborhood.

If you delete the neighborhood folder before you start up the game it will force the game to create the three base game neighborhoods again.

The Create A Sim Screen is actually a hidden lot within the game, if you copy that file and rename it in the same way as the other lot files in the lot catalog you can put the lot down and go in and edit the way it looks. It's best if you copy the file, don't just move the file.

If the Sims have absolutely nothing to do there is a chance that they'll either look out or wash the windows.

When Sims pour a cup of coffee their cups are actually empty.

Sims use the same remote for their TV's, stereos and their vehicles. Talk about a universal remote.

Sims don't take off their pants when they use the toilet.

A Sim can sit on the toilet and eat their food or watch TV.

If you make a Sim change a diaper without the use of the changing table they basically throw the diaper on the floor. If you pick the diaper up and then cancel the action they drop it on the floor and it becomes a pile of garbage. If you have seasons this can be added to the compost.

It's rare but sometimes a toddler can be added to the group outing if you choose to go downtown when someone calls.

Whenever Sims dial a number it's always the exact same sequence of button presses.

If a pregnant Sim eats cheesecake they'll have a high chance of delivering twins when they give birth.

Sims can pee in the pool while they are swimming in it if they can't get out.

Sims need a ladder to get out of pools.

While placing objects in buy mode that attach to a wall, if you press and hold CTRL + ALT you can place an object on the wall even if an object is already occupying the wall.

Writing in the diary and daydreaming while relaxing on the bed are other ways of gaining social.

Lazy/Sloppy Sims can eat out of the garbage. They can also pee in the shower while showering.

Sims can't drown in hot tubs.

Romantic Aspiration Sims will change the way they walk if they perform any romantic type of action on another Sim.

You can use sprinklers on the flower beds.

Bushes and shrubs don't ever need watering.

If you make a Sim sit down outside and "Watch Clouds" there is a 1% chance that they'll be struck by a satalite and die.

Social workers can and will teleport children outside if she needs to take them. Child abuse is a really serious subject, that is why they are given special powers.

Townies will sometimes come as a part of a family tree, although most appear to have no family links at all.

Children cannot be killed by fire or starvation. Toddlers are fire proof. If there is a fire one of the parents will grab the toddler and put it outside.

NPC Service Sims such as Fire Department Sims and Postal Worker Sims don't actually have jobs when you add them to your family.

Out of the Base Game careers the highest paying one is the Althete career. The lowest is the Military career.

Out of the University careers the highest paying one is the Show Business career. The lowest is the Paranormal career.

Out of the Seasons careers the highest paying one is the Education career. The lowest is Law career.

Out of the FreeTime careers the highest paying one is the Intelligence career. The lowest is the Dance career.

Out of the careers available to Pets the highest paying one is the Show Biz career. The lowest one is the Service career. Oddly enough cats make more money than dogs in each of these careers.

The highest paying job overall is the Show Business career from University by a mere $66.

I'll probably add more as I come up with them Sleepy
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#2 14-06-2011 
Here are a few tips I use for taking pics:

I have the no red pause mod, so I don't need to crop pictures
If I want a pose, rather than using a posebox I make my sim do a Maxis anim in slow motion. Then I pause the game, slap the freeze time on that sim, and continue with the next sim. This is because I think Maxis anims are the best and always look natural.
I use plumbbob toggle and show headlines false so sims aren't thinking of weird stuff in pics or have a RED plumbbob cos they are fed up of being screenshotted.
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#3 14-06-2011 
I stash newspapwers in a sim's inventory... Some day they'll buy a Compost bin, and put the papers in it. With my "Customized Compost Bin" mod, they can sell the compost! Smile
To put a burglar alarm outside, just use the cheat "moveobjects on". Much simpler than building a wall around the house!

#4 14-06-2011 
@BO: I didn't know that the inventory also worked, so thanks for that. As for the burglar alarm basically picture the outside of a house, then from the house draw 3 walls, so that you have basically one square of land in the middle. The forth wall is the wall that is attached to the house and that is the wall that the alarm goes on. Delete the unneeded walls and presto. Of course the cheat would have been simpler but some players don't like to use cheats.

@Lee: Great tips as well!
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#5 14-06-2011 
Well, the inventory works, as long as the paper hasn't gone old yet. Once the paper delivery person is about to pull the new paper out of their bag, the old paper turns bad, and can no longer be put away. So I make sure to do that BEFORE 7 am Smile

#6 14-06-2011 
Lee Dear , what does the show headlines cheat do ??

My tips /Did you know's
- In one of the universities there is a lot Called the "headmaster's haicendia" (its Really hard to find sans a camera hack)
- (it worked everytime I tried it) If there is a Good witch (apartment life) on the lot, the Headmaster has a higher chance of accepting your sim children into private school . But if there is a Evil witch on the lot, he has a lower chance of accepting your sim kids.
- Sims will Sit in a chair off Grid & on a OMSP But will not sit in a chair at a 45 degree angle

#7 14-06-2011 
showheadlines turns off all the thought bubbles. So if you want to take a picture of sims having a conversation you dont get daft things like them thinking about when they wet themselves in the last photoshoot....
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#8 14-06-2011 
Quote:If I want a pose, rather than using a posebox I make my sim do a Maxis anim in slow motion. Then I pause the game, slap the freeze time on that sim, and continue with the next sim. This is because I think Maxis anims are the best and always look natural.
How do you get your sims to move in slow motion?

#9 14-06-2011 
Nonni;5750 Wrote:How do you get your sims to move in slow motion?

its one of the ctrl+c commands - you type in slowmotion and then a number from 0-8. 0 is normal speed - 8 is super slow.
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#10 14-06-2011 

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