Ok I swear this is my last picture post for the week but I honestly couldn't help myself lol. I'm practicing recolouring objects because it is both fun for me and I like personalizing my games, I'm just that guy. Most of these are trials and I hope to improve upon them as time goes on some turned out exactly the way I wanted them to and some need just a bit more tweaking.

Recolours are one thing, meshes are an entirely new beast that one day I hope to try.

Happy Tuesday all! Smile

Recolour Mania Screenshot Recolour Mania Screenshot Recolour Mania Screenshot Recolour Mania Screenshot      
#2 14-06-2011
OMG - recolour mania indeed. Smile

awesome pic as usual - and you can post everyday if you like - I love your pics Celebrate

#3 14-06-2011
Aw thanks Lee that means a lot. I just am afraid of eating up your storage space lol.

#4 14-06-2011
pffff - storage and picture serving isnt the problem - its the bandwidth of serving the big files. BO has small files so he is ok. Its ME....


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