I was playing around in game today; with slow motion and headlines off this was the result. I thought as it was Lee's fault I was playing with this, and not doing any work, I would share the pic here.
The sim was made by Nonni.

I added another 2 pics one for the girls and 1 for BO.

Rock Hopping Screenshot Rock Hopping Screenshot Rock Hopping Screenshot        
#2 16-06-2011
That's a neat pic Shell. The pose looks very natural like that I think. Its also a very nice looking sim, the face sculpt looks spot on.

#3 16-06-2011
I think the picture is waaaaay too small for such a beauty of a sim. Blush The poor child deserves the whole screen, but is instead reduced to a mere handfull of pixels... Sad She's hard to make out...

Several million of these Heart lovelies would fit on Nonni's screen, which is so enormous, you can watch a football game from orbit!Big Grin

Fantastic shot, though. Great scenery... Hey, I'd love any picture that involves a barely dressed young lady Heart all by herself in the wilderness, so what do you expect me to say? Huh

I'm afraid that Lev is going to come to no good, once he sees this pic. Rolleyes

#4 16-06-2011
Wonderful picture! I love the scenery. Smile The pose looks very natural, it really looks as if she's trying to keep her balance as she goes from rock to rock.


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