• The Leefish Network?
  • Creator: daluved1
I made this for my MTS profile page to advertise my little forum on Leefish.

I have dubbed this site the Leefish Network, because...that's pretty much what it is now. Smile

The Leefish Network? Screenshot          
#2 18-06-2011
Indeed... I would almost have to ask Eva if she call also add a line like that "(part of the Leefish Network)" to my banner Smile

By the way, that's a great vintage-like billboard pic... I may not be into TS3, nor into Barbie, but I like the art Smile

#3 18-06-2011
OMG we are a network. One little fishbowl has become an ocean. I also like the art too. GREAT colours.

#4 18-06-2011
Looks great Dal. "Part of the Leefish Network" love it, can we all use that?

(Last month a fishbowl, this month an ocean, next month the world!)


Sorry, that is a members only option