Ever since Open For Business came out I have never looked at the Sims 2 the same way, for me it totally changed what I could do with the game and how to play it as well. These are just a few screenshots of some of my businesses that I have currently in play. I think it's a great way to add another dimension to the neighborhood.

Electronics Store
Grocery Store

It's also helpful that one of my Sims has the LTW of Owning 5 Top Rank Businesses, something I have never completed before.

Open For Business Screenshot Open For Business Screenshot Open For Business Screenshot Open For Business Screenshot      
#2 20-06-2011
Yes, OFB changed a lot! But for me, so did Seasons, Bon Voyage and FreeTime. Whenever one of my sims starts a business, it often involves their own plantings, stuff they make at crafting stations, or treasures they've dug up. There's a lot of fun to be had combining such things Smile

5 Top Rank Businesses: some of my sims have rolled such a want as well... I've never had one achieve this victory, though. That doesn't really matter, though, because they usually achieve Lifetime Platinum long before that, anyway.

#3 20-06-2011
Yes, OFB is one of my three fave EPs - (the others are NightLife and Apartment Life) - it really does add a whole extra dimension to TS2. I bought ambitions hoping it would be like OFB but it wasn't. The consignment store just can't compete with Rally Forth Big Grin

#4 20-06-2011
Yes I thought that Ambitions was going to be like OFB and it wasn't even close. I did prefer the look of the servos from Ambitions though. I really just like coming up with new business ideas for my Sims, like my latest idea is a hot dog stand. I imagine it will go over pretty well.


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