• Hack Conflict Detection Utility
  • Uploader: leefish
This small program will look for multiple packages in your Sims 2 Downloads folder that modify the same global procedure. If two packages modify the same global procedure, they might very well conflict with each other, causing one or both to break.

SimsWardrobe's Paladin wrote this program for his own use after having several hack conflicts. It is a very simple program. It only finds the possible conflicts. It is up to you to resolve any conflicts that are detected.

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#2 25-06-2011
A must have for anyone who uses mods especially if they don't realize that things do conflict and can cause unknown glitches or errors within the game. Big Grin

#3 26-06-2011
Thank you for uploading this here! I need to find a (recent) conflict in my game, but when I went to Paladin's Place to get this, the Place was gone. Sad So my conflicted Sims and I are very grateful!

#4 12-05-2015
Thankyou Lee, was looking for this and didnt think I would find it!

#5 12-05-2015
Simwardrobe isn't gone - he's just lost the simwardrobe.com domain. It was always re-routed from


He's had that domain since the beginning of time. Smile

#6 12-05-2015
Thank you for clearing that up, Kiri. I wasn't aware that this URL was that old. I only knew Simwardrobe.com.
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#7 12-05-2015
No worries BO.

#8 12-05-2015
Paladin's Place isn't going anywhere is it? I'd hate to not be able to retrieve all his stuff if I ever need it!

#9 12-05-2015
Not that we know of, Cat. But then, like so many, he isn't in the habit of staying in touch and telling us. Nor can we expect him to, I suppose. So we just never know for sure...

#10 13-05-2015
I have a back up of all his things, so if his site ever disappears, it will be back again.

#11 16-05-2015
Well it didnt work anyway lol!! Ran it said there were no conflicts, ran the game again was still freezing time and sims, so did the age old manual check, get rid of a few check etc, found the hack that was causing the problem! Was a phone hack, dont even recall downloading a phone hack!

#12 16-05-2015
There's only *ONE* thing the HCDU can do: discover mods/hacks that all try to modify the same BHAV/BCON files. If your phone hack didn't conflict in that way with any other file (which - obviously - it didn't), I'm not surprised that HCDU didn't notice anything.

However, I must say: there's only one mod that I know by the name phonehack, and that's one of the "*most bestest*" mods ever, written by Pescado to improve sim-communications over the phone. I would not play this game without that mod anymore, and can recommend it to anyone. But I can imagine if you had the wrong version, that it might indeed cause lots of trouble in your game!

#13 18-05-2015
Im pretty sure that was the phone hack, it just came up saying 'phone hack'. I didnt have a problem with it until I placed the colourful wall phone then my game just froze in all households, took it out and worked fine. As I said dont even recall downloading it, so will go have a look at the versions and read up on the ins and outs, dont mind trying it again as, if there is a problem at least I know what caused it!

#14 18-05-2015
I'm not saying that you're wrong, Tiffany. I'm just surprised.

That colourful wall phone, is that a Maxis object, or some custom item?

#15 20-05-2015
Its a maxis object

#16 20-05-2015
Could you send me a zipped copy of that "phone hack"? I'd like to figure out what's wrong with it. Since you don't recall downloading a hack by this name, it must have come with a lot you downloaded - if you ever do such things - but I'd still like to figure out why it misbehaves.

#17 08-02-2017
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Sorry if this counts as necroposting, but is it possible to get this to work with the UC? I tried to run it and it can't find the path, presumably due to the fact that the UC Documents path is different.

#18 03-02-2018
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For anyone who has UC and gets "Fatal Error - Can not find Sims 2 data path". Temporarily change "The Sims™ 2 Ultimate Collection" to "The Sims 2" in your documents. You can change it back after HCDU has done it's thing.

#19 05-05-2019
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In the off-chance anyone gets the same error I did and sees this -- if the HCDU is crashing when you try to run it (something about a file not found), it may be because you have files with paths longer than 290, which some Windows programs struggle to handle. I found a neat little utility called PathLengthChecker (you can find it on GitHub) which can locate these files. Then, you just need to shorten the file names or move them "up" in the tree structure so that their paths are shorter.
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#20 31-03-2021
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Sorry, I know this is an old post but I couldn't find any instance online of this same problem. Whenever I try to run this program, it will either crash immediately or throw an unrecoverable error. This error is called Error 6: Overflow. The strange thing is that I can't replicate this error on any other PC, it only happens on my main one where I have the game installed. Interestingly enough, I recently reinstalled my OS for unrelated reasons and noticed that the HCDU was finally working on my desktop, but the very next day, it's back to crashing. If anyone can assist with this problem, I'd greatly appreciate it. It's infuriating to have to borrow a computer from a friend to check to see what hacks are conflicting in my game.

#21 31-03-2021
Try this HCDU instead - and run as Admin: https://www.picknmixmods.com/Sims2/Notes...uPlus.html

Good luck!

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