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No, we are not turning into a Star Trek themed website Smile However, this find has a Fishlike godmother - leefish.

I feel really proud that I helped a tiny bit with this item, and its awesome.

Even if you don't have a Star trek themed game its still hyper-cute - and its ANIMATED Heart

available in one and two tile versions, Base Game
x 1

Please do:
  • Include my objects in your lots
  • Use the objects etc in pictures/machinima/stories
  • Let me know if you recolour one of my items so I can post a link in the upload thread.
Please don't:
  • Share the files as downloads
  • Include my meshes with your recolours unless you ask me first.

You can ask me HERE

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#2 25-06-2011
I think it's a great idea for a Sims 2 item and I think you would warn us if you were even considering becoming a themed site lol. Although themes are good ideas and jumping off points for challenges. Just saying lol. Smile

#3 25-06-2011
Now, that's downright cute! Thank you Nix (and Lee too, for entering this find), I'm not a themed player, but I'm still a Trekkie. Big Grin

#4 25-06-2011
* Nix blushes

Thank you, everybody! And don't worry, I won't try to assimilate the site into Trekdom. Wink At least not openly...

I must admit I'm quite proud of this little thing. (Not that I ever would have been able to make it animated if it hadn't been for Echo's great tutorials over at MTS.) And how many mobiles can boast a Fishlike Godmother? Big Grin Because Lee is made of awesome, she helped me out over at MTS when I couldn't for the life of me figure out why the two-tile version wasn't recolourable, so I absolutely owe it to her for getting this ship out of drydock. Heart (Bad, bad Nix for not updating her MMATs!)

Believe it or not, but I actually only have one Trek-themed 'hood; Belladonna Cove and Pleasantview are perfectly normal. Smile (Well... more or less, anyway.) But even so, just about every kid ends up with a starship mobile in their room - because you never know, maybe some of their great great grandchildren will end up in Starfleet one day...


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