MYBB and javascript
#1 25-06-2011 
I have been working away on the site javascript but as I kept adding fancy bits here and there I was just pushing the page load times up. I wanted pretty, yes, but I also wanted the site to run a bit faster.

MYBB runs on Prototype and Scriptaculous for effects. Its the equivalent of the jQuery library and the jQuery UI. Removing Prototype and swapping to jQuery is just not feasible - it would require a complete code rewrite.

Unfortunately, Prototype has a slightly higher entry level for javascript coding, whereas jQuery is the "hip" library of the moment with snippets all over the web. So, as I am a noob at javascript I chucked jQuery all over leefish..... result - 400kb of javascript on page load and as the scripts are not concatenated the loading times are painful as each script is sending a http request.

The Issues
  1. running two javascript libraries because I am a noob
  2. so that means finding/making some code that will run on MYBB - ie Prototype based
  3. Fancy effects = javascript (and css of course) = http requests

The Fixes
  1. is easily fixed - be less of a noob Tongue
  2. I found two neat plugins for Prototype/Scriptaculous - Prototype Overlay and Horinaja.
  3. Audentio Designs jSnippets. Its great - I can bundle up all my js and whack it onto leefish in one go - its not the size of the script that is the issue - its the HTTP requests. By using this concatenated code I can reduce requests immediately.

Links to the tools I am using Smile

Prototype Overlay
Horinaja PRO
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#2 25-06-2011 
I really wish I knew how to create and or modify javascript I barely know how to use them lol. At least you are learning something new though Lee. Smile
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#3 25-06-2011 
well, I shall add one more resource Smile

W3C schools
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