Don't Meet Customers
#1 26-06-2011 
I must be crazy to request another mod when you are very clearly busy and my other two requests haven't exactly been granted, but here goes anyways lol

Ok I play business lots alot and now that I have more customers and more than one business my relationship panel is getting really, really full with people that just seem like they were created for the sole purpose of being a customer. What I would like is a mod that makes it so unless you perform a regular social or a greet, you don't actually meet them and they do not get added to the relationship panel.

Of course I am open to alternatives you may know of or links to send me too. Happy Weekend! Tongue
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#2 26-06-2011 
Hi Xander,

I think the best thing you can do is go get this here thingy and clean up your relationships panel yourself, in-game. You just click the little guy, select the right option, and select the people you've seen more than your share of. POOF, they're gone!
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#3 26-06-2011 
Perfect I knew I could count on you BO! Now if only we could close these threads too lol.
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Sorry, that is a members only option