• Flowers In the Attic
  • Reviewer: daluved1
  • V.C. Andrews
  • Genre: Fiction Thriller
  • Rating: 10/10
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Flowers In the Attic is the iconic first book of the Dollanganger Series, written by V.C. Andrews. It's followed by four more sequels, one of which (Garden of Shadows) was started by Andrews, and then ghostwritten after her death.

Flowers In the Attic, all the way to Seeds of Yesterday, is narrated by Cathy Dollanganger. She starts off at age twelve - the second oldest of four children. Her older brother, Chris, is 14 and her twin siblings, Cory and Carrie are five.

After an unforeseen tragedy Corrine, the mother of Cathy and company, finds herself in a financial crisis and is forced to return to her parents house, the eerie Foxworth Estate. Sounds pretty normal, right?

But...it's not. Corrine and her late husband share a dark secret, one that has earned them banishment from their family. To "protect" the children from the wrath of their grandfather (Malcolm), their grandmother (Olivia) has Corrine lock them in the attic of their estate. They are supposed to stay there until the grandfather dies, then they would be allowed to enjoy a normal life in the lap of luxury.

The rest of the book talks about the cruel and twisted conditions they were forced to live under and unravels family history. We also get an honest first-hand look into the awkwardness of puberty, and growing up confined in one room.

The next three sequels follow the lives of the children, through the eyes of Cathy, after their daring escape from Foxworth Estate. Even though they're no longer prisoners in the attic, their lives will never return to normal. They are forever haunted by their past, and their mother who is always lurking behind them.

The final book, Garden of Shadows, brings the whole series home. It is told from Olivia's view point, and explains how the dark secrets of the family first began. Her story goes from her courtship with Malcolm, right up to the moment that Corrine and her children arrive at the back door of the Foxworth Estate.

#2 26-06-2011
Crikey Dal. I read these when I was 20 or so (not the Garden of Shadows) - I am surprised that they are still "in" with the youngins.

As I recall, the mother always seemed like a weak pathetic person who should have got a job rather than let her kids be tortured.

As a book - its OK, its very plot-driven.

#3 27-06-2011
When were you 20, Lee?

I read all of these when I was 14 or 15, I think. I was really into Virginia Andrews then. Seems so long ago now, even though it's only been 8 years.


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