Not much to say except this is all a part of an even bigger project I have in mind and it's also a good way to practice recolouring stuff. What can I say I like to customize the Sims almost as much as I like to play the game. So far with my new found knowledge I have successfully recoloured close to 20 ingame objects that are not available in any catalog. I'd tell you about my failed attempts but that's a bit of a downer don't you think?

From top left to the bottom right:
  • Plunger
  • Garden Shears
  • Shopping Basket
  • Coffee Mug
  • Child's Stepstool
  • Shopping Bag
  • Pen
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Out of Stock Sign

Go me! Celebrate

Recolour Mania 2 Screenshot          
#2 28-06-2011
looking good - I really like the layout on the picture - and that step stool for the kids looks a lot better than the green horror. I wonder if there is a medieval version of that stool?

#3 28-06-2011
Almighty hat did a medieval version of the stool Leefish

#4 28-06-2011
It looks great - and I want that step stool. I don't understand what it's with Maxis and that horrible green!


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