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Well, as it seems to be blast from the past week here in the book case, I thought I would add my twopenn’orth and write a quick review of The Belgariad. Smile

Again, I read these a LONG time ago (while I was still at school) and I no longer have them in my library. It's a shame, as these were a introduction to a world of fantasy reading outside Tolkien, and I think that these were what got me started on Terry Pratchett. But back to these.

It is a simple story: a farmer boy, his aunt and a friend leave their home and set off on a mysterious journey - a journey which ends with farmer boy as hero (of course). The books are set in a fantasy world where the Gods once walked among their people. Each of the peoples have characteristics relevant to their God - and one group are sorcerers.

Reading them now I can see all the plot-twists from a mile off and the plotline is average. The characters do make the story come to life though and the star of the book(s) - in my opinion - is Polgara - without her the books would not be half as entertaining. I loved these books all those years ago and I would recommend them for a reader of any age - just leave the cynicism outside the pages and enjoy the fairy-tale Smile

#2 28-06-2011

I wanted to review this but didn't find what it was in English and then forgot! Smile

Absolutely one of my favorite fantasy stories. I have borrowed them from library so many times they should let me keep it. Wink

I also own the "first" books, Belgarath and Polgara, + the last set, Mallorean completely. Been lucky to find them in used books sales and fleamarkets. Still need to find THIS set though, then I'd have them all, it would be perfect, and I would be nowhere to be seen as I would always be reading.

A wonderful story, that will keep you entertained for hours. 10 points and a parrot stamp from me!

ps. I love David and Leigh Eddings, without their books (the other series too), my life would be so much emptier.

#3 28-06-2011
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