My Sim can't eat!
#1 02-07-2011 
(I just realised this might not be a good place to post this in, since this is a forum for modding help, but I couldn't find a place for game playing help. Feel free to move it somewhere more appropriate, though!)

This is one of the odder errors I've come across. One of my Sims can't eat! Meaning, when he picks up his fork, the game throws an error: "Tree break encountered."

At first, I thought it was a mod that was causing it, but I just checked it without any CC or hacks in my game (as in, I moved the entire Downloads folder somewhere else), and I'm still getting the error. Undecided

Strange thing is, the Sim in question didn't have an eating disorder until he and his heartthrob went on a Far East holiday - that's the first time it happened. I had hoped it was just a problem with the lot they were on, but unfortunately the error persisted when they got back home. (The heartthrob survived the holiday no worse for wear, BTW, and she happily munches down on whatever's being served.)

Error log is here. The error is thrown with all food, not just with omelettes. Smile

I really, really don't want to have to make a new Sim (I like this one!), but I have a nasty feeling I might have to...

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I believe you said you could handle 7-zip files? I'd like you to do the following:

Unpack the linked file anywhere in your Downloads folder, and run HCDU to see what it conflicts with. If you find something, let me know, so I can examine the offending file(s).

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I have WinRar, so yes, I can (even though I've never said it).

"0 possible conflicts detected."

I want to repeat that I've moved my entire Downloads folder out of traffic (onto an external drive), so whatever is causing the conflict, it isn't anything that's in there.
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Ok, thanks for checking that! I just wanted to make sure Smile I hope you also checked it with all your mods IN the Downloads folder, though, because otherwise "0 conflicts" wouldn't be a surprise Smile

You're running the M&G engine, I suppose, so now I'll start by dissecting the offending BHAV from that EP to see what kind of situation could cause this error.

EDIT to add: Ok, I've looked, and I think I know what's going on. You have a corrupted "Foods Eaten" token on this sim. This token doesn't have the required number of properties, and therefor triggers a breakpoint.

I also have a solution for you: open this sim's memories in SimPE, and find the 45th or 46th item. It should be named "Token - Foods Eaten". Delete that object, and save. Then everything should be fine again!

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I knew I had forgotten something; before I started typing, I reminded myself that "I have to remember to mention I have all EPs and all SPs except Happy Holiday and Family Fun". And then I blinked, and it all was *poof* gone. Rolleyes Bad Nix, no cookie!

My Sim had two "Token - Foods Eaten", so I nuked them both, and he's now happily munching away on a grilled cheese sandwich. Celebrate And if he or any other Sim gets indigestion again, I'll know where to look and what to do about it. Thank you!! Consider yourself green. Wink

(Oh, and yes, of course I've run the HCDU with my hacks in. Smile I have fourteen conflicts, but ten of them are the Inteenimater conflicting with itself, two are stairs, and two are your Spawn Objects mod. In other words, no reason for concern.)
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Cool! I was able to halp someone, finally! Cool

#7 04-06-2016 
And then, almost FIVE years later, a similar error shows up over there, and they find their way here to fix it... I had alread forgotten I ever did this one Smile


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